Electronic manufacturing services featured as Pelmax website goes live!

Electronic manufacturing services featured as Pelmax website goes live!

Pelmax Electronic Manufacturing Services specializes in assembly and finishing of printed circuit boards and wiring harnesses, contract manufacturing of standard or custom components, and other crucial assembly, testing, engineering and distribution tasks. PCB assembly is offered via fully automated SMT production lines, and through-hole mounting by skilled hand assembly.

Cable and harness assembly from Pelmax

Pelmax wiring harness assembly

Pelmax supplies prototypes and large contract production runs of cable and harness assemblies for established brands and emerging manufacturers worldwide.

Pelmax customers enjoy the knowledgeable customer service, rigorous engineering analysis, meticulous manufacturing practices and continuous improvement quality management expected of all divisions of Pelco Component Technologies.

PCB assembly Pelmax

SMT production and through-hole PCB assembly

We are proud to offer expert electronic engineering services and supply chain management in Baja California. Pelmax Electronic Manufacturing Services is a great choice for OEMs needing high- or low-volume production of standard or custom components. Give us a call today at 855-227-3526.

Pelmax is a division of Pelco Component Technologies. From automobiles to automation, mining to medical devices, products from Pelco control electricity to make things happen at the right time. We call it Putting Power to Work.

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