Wire harness and cable assembly to order from Pelmax

Wire harness and cable assembly to order from Pelmax

Pelmax wire harness and cable assembly capabilities include low volume and high volume production runs, with custom labeling and cable tie or multi-conductor jacketed assemblies. Our customers order electromechanical subassemblies, box build and panel assemblies, and fan, blower and motor assemblies.

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Wire harness installation in HVAC rooftop unit
Wire harness installation in HVAC rooftop unit

OEMs and engineers in industrial controls, audio/video, HVAC and transportation depend on wire harnesses and cable assemblies from Pelmax Electronic Manufacturing Services.

  • Potting
  • Soldered Cable Assemblies
  • Spliced Cable Assemblies
  • Ribbon / Flat Cable
  • Power Cord
  • 100% Testing

High end golf cartsGlam golf carts, giant poultry barns. . .what could they have in common? From the course to the coop, sturdy, customized, reliable wiring harnesses get many jobs done.

With high-end audio and colorful “club” lighting augmenting chassis ranging from sleek to massive, bespoke golf carts and personal vehicles make a big statement. Underneath the bling, the wiring harness delivers the power that makes the flash happen.
Wire harness for automation controls in factory farming

Across the country, sizable agricultural facilities control feeding, watering, air quality and other conditions with complex automation systems. Whether distributing grain or transporting eggs, installations are designed for both maximum efficiency and safe response to discrepancies. Wiring harnesses include break-point fault protection and reset switches to keep things moving.

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Pelmax Electronic Manufacturing Services is a division of Pelco Component Technologies, a trusted manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic components.
Across the US and around the world, OEMs, engineers and product designers choose components from Pelco to control electricity and make things happen at the right time. We call it Putting Power to Work.

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