Peltec timers make holiday light installations flashy…and reliable

Peltec timers make holiday light installations flashy…and reliable

However inventive or over-the-top, reliable Peltec timers and controls keep the show going in retail and municipal holiday lighting installations. To brighten the night or control animations, display designers choose low-cost, high-quality Peltec 619 digital timers.


Program flash and twinkle ’round the clock with Peltec 619 digital timers

For maximum flexibility, coordination and energy savings, Peltec 619 is a user-programmable 24-hour, 7-day digital timer available with 6 different operating voltages. With full week, 7 individual days, and 7 multiple-day combinations built in, and up to 8 On/Off cycles per day, these timers keep keep merry and bright right on schedule!

Putting Power to Work for holiday celebrations is one of Pelco’s most noticeable productions.

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