Multifunction timers make Harleys faster, louder, winning-er

Multifunction timers make Harleys faster, louder, winning-er

Here’s how Scott Bennett does it, for the Bennett Racing Nitro Harley Drag Race team in Dallas, Texas: “We use the Airotronics MC363 Multifunction Timer Relay to operate a large solenoid that leans the fuel system down during our runs. Accuracy is extremely important as it makes the difference between a clean pass with a full fuel load or being too lean and not producing enough horsepower. With too much fuel it will go too rich before the end of the race and put out the fire to one of the cylinders.
In these races we’re only operating the engine for 6 seconds. So the adjustment in tenths of a second is exactly what we were looking for. That and the 10amp rated relay contacts. Great product!”

Airotronics MC363

Va-va-vroooom! Bennett Racing gets the perfect fuel mix with an Airotronics Multifunction Timer

Thanks, Scott, for Putting Power to Work with the Airotronics MC363. We couldn’t have said it better…or louder!

Get a taste of the race on the Bennett Racing gallery page. You can almost smell the burnout! And check out this helmetcam vid for 6 seconds of glory.

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