Current sensors monitor power and performance

Current sensors monitor power and performance

The basic function of current sensors is providing continuous quality power in order to prevent problems.
The sensor reacts to changes in input supply or in monitored current. Over current sensors protect from ground fault, mechanical jamming or other overload conditions. Relay output can reduce power to slow down a process and allow action to recover after time delay. Under current sensors sense lack of power, shut down a process and notify via warning signal, or allow restart after current is restored.

Current Sensors monitor fans in Industrial Drying applications

Drying powdercoated parts

Drying powdercoated parts

Current sensor in pharmaceutical drying machine

Pharmaceutical drying machine

Industrial dryers, large or small, require the ventilation system to be working properly. If the fans do not come on within 5 seconds when the dryers operate, the Peltec 351 sends a signal to the main control panel to shut the dryers off and flash a warning light.

Current Sensors monitor power supply in UV Light Sterilization settings

Ultraviolet lab sterilization

Ultraviolet lab sterilization

Sterilizing medical instruments with UV light

Sterilizing medical instruments

Systems using ultraviolet light for sterilization of hospital rooms, medical devices and surgical tools require continuous power for expected performance. If the UV light goes out during operation, the Airotronics CS senses the lack of power and shuts the unit down. At the same time, it turns on a warning light and audible alarm.

Peltec Timers and Controls
Peltec 300 Series DIN Rail Current SensorsPeltec351Pulse
Universal input voltage 24VAC to 240VAC, 24VDC. Adjustable settings via onboard pots. Green and red LED indicators. Peltec current sensors have UL and CE approvals and are RoHS compliant. DIN Rail case design ensures easy installation.
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Peltec 332 pdf Toroidal Current Sensor with Sensed Current Adjustment via Potentiometer

Peltec 351 pdf Current Sensor with 5 Current Range options and Adjustable Time Delay

Airotronics Timers and Controls
Airotronics CS Series Panel mount Toroidal Current Sensors in Cube case
Over-current, Under-current and High-range current sensors with Relay or Solid state output. Easy single-screw mounting in 2” x 2” or 2.5 x 2.5” cases. Airotronics current sensors have UL approvals and are RoHS compliant.
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Airotronics CS pdf Over-current / under-current sensor with adjustable time delay or factory-fixed time delay and Relay output

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