Safety relays, monitors, switches and automation controls

Safety relays, monitors, switches and automation controls

Schleicher stands for quality, innovation and eight decades of experience. It is renowned worldwide for high performance control systems, safety relays and timers, electronic engineering services (EES) and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). In 2015, SchleicherUSA was established to bring safety relays, monitors, switches and automation controls to the North American marketplace.

SchleicherUSA Automation and Safety Solutions

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SchleicherUSA Relay Technology

Choose Schleicher safety, timing and measurement components for machinery and systems.  Get sophisticated solutions in convenient and compact DIN rail type housings.

Additional advantages:

  • Committed after-sales service
  • Active life-cycle management
  • Adjustments, expansions and alterations at any time
  • Guaranteed service life of more than 25 years

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Safety Relays

To ensure maximum protection for operators and machines, safety relays must be easy to use and very reliable. High quality SchleicherUSA safety relays meet DIN ISO 13849 and DIN EN 61062 standards. In addition they fulfill the technical requirements for relay technology with positive driven contacts in accordance with EN 50205.SchleicherUSA Safety Relays and Switches

Applications include:

  • Emergency stop
  • Safety gate
  • Safety mats, strips, edges, bumpers
  • Light grids, inductive sensors
  • Controlled shutdown
  • Access delay
  • Type III C two-handed monitoring
  • Contact output extension

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Timer Relays and Switching Devices

Timer relays and switching devices are intermediaries between the intelligent logic level of the computer or other control devices and the machines or systems doing the work. Relays and switches provide high-performance isolation between the low-voltage range of the intelligent logic, and the high power consumption of the machine operation.
SchleicherUSA supplies a wide range of timer and switching relays with various features and functions, ensuring precise component selection to meet the requirements of your application.SchleicherUSA Timer Relays and Switches

Features include:

  • Multifunction, Single function, Multi-range, Single-range and Fixed time
  • On-delay, Off-delay, On-delay and Off-delay, wiper controls

Relay functions include:

  • Impulse generator
  • Blinker relay
  • Relay for a star-delta/wye-delta switch
  • Pulse counter
  • Coupling relays
  • Latching relays

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Measurement Relays and Monitoring Devices

Rapid-response measuring and monitoring devices continuously review and evaluate all electrical and physical states. These components facilitate quick and accurate response in the event of an error. Proactive switch-off of the affected part of the system prevents damage to other unit components.
SchleicherUSA offers measurement and monitoring relays for all potential configurations.SchleicherUSA Measurement and Monitor Relays

Current and voltage monitor functions:

  • Detection of low or excess voltages
  • Detection of low or excess currents

Phase Monitor functions:

  • Phase sequence and phase failure monitoring
  • Detection of incorrect phase sequence
  • Detection of dangerous phase voltage imbalance
  • Detection of voltage feedback

Safety and Protective Monitor functions:

  • Protection of people and machines
  • Immediate interruption of the energy supply
  • Monitoring of two-hand applications
  • Monitoring of safety guards

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SchleicherUSA Automation

Welcome to advanced open system machine automation! Schleicher provides powerful modular control systems for all requirements of modern machine manufacturing.
Open systems allow individual functions to be realized for high-performance machines, with faster and simpler connections between networks or various components. SchleicherUSA automation incorporates the latest CNC and PLC technologies and uses EtherCAT®, Sercos® and the newest Windows variants, among others.
Schleicher systems are maintenance-free, robust and flexible. Installations are tailored to individual customers and programmed for long life and simple operation.

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ControlsSchleicherUSA automation controls

Schleicher XCx automation systems and components provide a modular structure for application-adapted design. From an entry-level rack-based control system, expansion modules and racks, and additional controls can handle up to 128 modules on a maximum of 8 racks with full system extension over 4000 I/O points.

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I/O SystemsSchleicherUSA RIO Input output

With increases in plant complexity, peripheral connection via fieldbus has become standard in most automated infrastructures. The “RIO” I/O system from SchleicherUSA is equipped with comprehensive modules that pick up, route and output the necessary process-specific signal mix..

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Human Machine InterfaceSchleicherUSA HMI Human Machine Interface

The ProNumeric OP50 is an optimized HMI device employing the Sercos III and EtherCat realtime field bus systems, combined in a single hand-held control. At last a single unit connects to the controls of different manufacturers.
For more details see Whitepaper Simplified GUI and Precision Controls for Complex CNC Manufacturing

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SoftwareSchleicherUSA Automation software

SIM:ONE SIMULATION SOFTWARE Users can test and analyze CNC programs and machine movement sequences on their own PC with Sim:one software. Potential risks can be detected and eliminated at an early stage, and productivity of the machine can be maximized.
SCHLEICHER GRED Schleicher GRED is a compaction software for production or logistics systems that process large quantities of real-time data. GRED reduces the size of the retained data and therefore needs less physical memory capacity; NV-RAM, hard disk and RAM share storage and access while GRED runs in the background without impairing the application.

Read about Schleicher’s automated CNC control system for MIKKROMAT

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