Pelco hires new Operations Manager

Pelco hires new Operations Manager

Pelco Component Technologies welcomes Stephen Burt to the new Operations Manager post, and recognizes Dale Henry, retiring after 43 years of service.

Stephen Burt brings over a decade of experience at Central New York manufacturers and an Electrical Engineering degree from from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Stephen Burt, Operations Manager at Pelco

Welcome Stephen Burt, Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Stephen manages the utilization of equipment, facilities and personnel to obtain maximum efficiencies in production and manufacturing. His responsibilities include planning, scheduling and monitoring production in Pelco’s Cazenovia and Mexicali locations.

Dale Henry, former Pelco Director of Manufacturing, has retired after 43 years of service during extensive growth at the company. Dale came on board in January of 1976 with STK Electronics, a division of Pelco Component Technologies. In that US Bicentennial year, STK was manufacturing film capacitors in nearby Bouckville, NY, where Dale was hired as Production Manager.

STK Electronics moved operations to Cazenovia in 1982, operating 3 shifts. Dale was eventually named Director of Manufacturing and was also responsible for the Airotronics Timers and Controls product line.

Best wishes to both gentlemen! Dale will enjoy Upstate summers touring in British sportscars, while Stephen helps steer Pelco’s future as we continue to serve OEMs, engineers and industrial designers.

Across the US and around the world, products from Pelco Component Technologies control electricity to make things happen at the right time. We call it Putting Power to Work.

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  1. Brad Dombrowsky at 6:06 pm

    Hello old friends! Congrats to Dale on his retirement. I would like to say hi to all, email me.