Featured Product: TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer

Featured Product: TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer

Putting Power to Work with the TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer in Commercial Floor Cleaners.

For motors used to shake filters, check out the Airotronics Repeat Cycle timers. The motor is turned on when an input voltage is applied and the “On” time begins. At the end of the “On” time delay, the load is de-energized and the “Off” time delay begins and turns off the motor.  The “On” and “Off” times set by the user will determine the length of time the filter is shaken..


TGKAD Repeat Cycle Timer

TGKAD series Cube Relay Repeat Cycle (Dual Adjustable) On/Off timers are a unique combination of solid state timing circuitry with a relay output in a compact cube configuration.

The time delay for both the “On” cycle and the “Off” cycle can be individually adjusted.

These timers offer the many advantages of a relay output and provide the same functional performance as plug-in relay timers, but at a significant cost savings.



TGKAD Diagram

  • High current-carrying capacity up to 30 amps
  • 100% Load isolation
  • No leakage in N.O. position
  • No heat sinking required
  • Available in any time delay periods required
  • Digital CMOS timing
  • Transient protected
  • No minimum load required

Application of input voltage to the timer starts the “On” time and energizes the relay

At the end of the “On” time delay, the relay is de-energized, and the “Off” time delay starts.

At the end of the “Off” time delay, the load is again energized, the timer returns to the “On” time delay, and the cycling continues as long as input voltage is applied.

Removal of the input voltage resets the timer.

Click here to learn more about Airotronics Repeat Cycle timers. 

Click here for the TGKAD datasheet. 

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