Product Spotlight: TH3L Interval On timer

Product Spotlight: TH3L Interval On timer

TH3L Interval On Timer for Powers Alerts

TH3L timers are solid state output units with digital timing. The TH3L comes in a 2″ square case. Ease of installation and hook-up is a primary design benefit. All models with integral time adjustment knob or factory-fixed time require only three connections. Units with external time adjustment have two additional terminals for the resistor or potentiometer.

TH3L Interval On Timer

TH3L Interval On Timer

Putting Power to Work with the TH3L
If your system includes an indicator that serves as a warning to the user, the Airotronics Interval On Delay timers are a great solution. When an operation within your system reaches a threshold that requires a change, it triggers the input voltage to the timer and starts the delay at which time a warning sound repeats until the set time for the delay expires.


  • Digital timing, solid state output
  • 1 Amp current load handling
  • 10 Amps single AC cycle surge handling
  • 3 Operating voltages: 24, 120 and 230 VAC
  • ±0.1% Repeat accuracy
  • Virtually unlimited time ranges
  • Factory-fixed or variable timing adjustment
  • O-ring sealed exposed controls

TH3L-diagramTiming Mode
Application of input voltage to the timer energizes the load and starts the time delay. At the end of the time delay, the load is de-energized. Removal and re-application of input voltage resets the timer.

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Click here for the TH3L datasheet. 

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