Programmable digital timer controls time-lapse cameras for job-site security and remote monitoring

Programmable digital timer controls time-lapse cameras for job-site security and remote monitoring

Time-lapse camera manufacturers choose the Peltec 619 daily/weekly timer for user-programmable scheduling of construction camera activity. Universal supply voltage options make this versatile 24-hour 7-day timer the reliable choice for everything from urban towers, to road and bridge projects, to remote locations where standard utility power is not available.

Time-lapse surveillance camera on tower with cranes in the background

Program round-the-clock monitoring of building sites, municipal projects, mining, logging and agricultural operations

Control lighting as well as camera intervals

This 24/7 programmable digital timer is also used by lighting manufacturers to provide similar control and coordination with on-site cameras, for security, job progress, insurance and marketing purposes. Set lights and cameras to match work schedules, assess traffic patterns, track employee activity or investigate off-hours events.

AC, DC, and Solar-Powered Timers

Supply voltages for the Peltec 619 range from 12–250VAC, and 12–24 VDC. Logging, mining, and remote agricultural operations are often off the grid. Large-scale municipal projects, as well as high-rise construction and off-shore projects can involve hard-to-reach camera installations. In these situations, solar power assemblies deliver steady DC juice via on-board panel and solar-charged battery backup.

Use with solar power to monitor remote sites

Use with solar power to monitor remote sites

Reliable, Resettable and Accurate

The Peltec 619 Daily/Weekly Digital Timer comes with 15 program periods built in: full week, 7 individual days, and 7 multi-day combinations. Choose, set and review time intervals with LCD display. A standard lithium button battery keeps accurate time.

Peltec 619 Daily/Weekly Digital Timer

Peltec 619 programmable digital timer

Peltec 619 programmable digital timer

Program full week, individual days or multiple-day settings; random and temporary overrides available.


  • User-programmable 24-hour, 7-day digital timer
  • 15 different program periods built in: Full week, 7 individual days and 7 multiple-day combinations
  • Set automatic On/Off cycles; use manual override when needed
  • Real-time 24/7 accuracy to the minute
  • 12-hour am/pm clock format
  • Set up to 8 On/Off cycles per day
  • On board LED power indicator
  • LCD display shows ON and OFF status
  • Memory backup with onboard battery
  • 20 Amp resistive switching capability, maximum
  • Choice of 6 voltages: 120VAC, 230VAC, 24VAC/VDC, 12VAC/VDC
  • Clear protective cover included
  • UL and CE approvals, RoHS compliant
    Fawn at the logging site

    See who’s really wandering around your remote locations!


  • Dimensions  inches 2 3/8″H x 2 3/8″W x 1 3/8″D
  • millimeters 60mmH x 60mmW x 37mmD
  • Supply voltage ranges  100–130VAC, 200–250VAC, 24VAC/VDC, 12VAC/VDC
  • Operating accuracy  ±1 second/day at 20°C
  • Operating temperature   -10°C to +55°C
  • Standards  UL, CE, RoHS, CUR E166259

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