Featured Product: Peltec 182 Timer

Featured Product: Peltec 182 Timer

Putting Power to Work with the Peltec 182 True Off Delay Timer:

FThe Pelco 182 timer is applied in various commercial and industrial kitchen applications. In a busy and hot environment under hood ventilation offers a consistent air turn over to provide a safe working environment, the Peltec 182 timer is interictal in maintaining the proper sequence. Likewise, a reliable fire suppression system is a life saving requirement. In the event of a power failure the Pelco 182 timer will keep the system active for a set period of time, thus allowing the system to do its job.

With True Off Delay Timers once the application of input voltage is applied, the output is energized. When the input voltage is removed, the time delay begins. At the end of this time delay, the output is de-energized. Input voltage must be applied for a minimum of 0.1 seconds to assure proper operation. Any application of the input voltage during the time delay will prompt a reset. No external trigger is required.



  • True Off Delay/Delay On Make Timer
  • 2 Timing modes adjustable via rotary switch
  • Relay output form: DPDT – 8 Amps
  • Output indicator: Red LED
  • Input indicator: Green LED
  • DIN rail mounting
  • 0.1 second–10 minutes time range
  • UL and CE approvals, RoHS compliant



a – True Off Delay :: Application of the supply voltage energizes the output relay. The timing period begins upon removal of the supply voltage. At the conclusion of the timing period, the output relay is de-energized. Reapplication of input voltage before the delay expires resets the time period.

e – Delay on Make :: Application of power to the timer input voltage terminals starts the time delay cycle. At the end of the preset delay, the output transfers until it is reset by interrupting the input voltage.

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